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#SiQACT's First Casual Meet

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

It was a warm evening in Canberra when the first official Street Ignition Queens ACT meet took place.

I was excited and left home early to give my car a quick wash before going to meet up with the rest of the girls at the National Arboretum.

When I got to the Arboretum I parked up with a stunning view of the sun setting over the Nations Capital behind me and waited for the other girls.

When Celeste, Gabby & Maria arrived we sat talking while our official photographer, Adam took a few snaps of the cars.

From the National Arboretum we cruised down towards the Questacon carpark down near Lake Burley Griffin where we sat around and talked some more.

Although it was a small meet it was fantastic to finally meet some car girls in the ACT community.

I know that together the ACT girls and I will build the SIQACT branch into our own little family.

We hope to organise another cruise in the not too distant future to further expand Street Ignition Queens in Canberra.

A very special mention to Adam Vlahos from Downshift for volunteering his time and camera to take some beautiful shots of our cars.

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