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#SiQQLD North's First Casual Meet

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

#SiQQldNorth ladies met on Saturday 24th March 2018 for their first meet & cruise.

We are the home of the Cowboys and they breed us tough up here, so pending rain from a brewing cyclone was not going to stop us from meeting each other for the first time!!

We chose the local Max Brenner car park to line up for the talented James from JB Photography to take some amazing photos of our beloved rides.

I am excited to report six lovely ladies made the effort to join us and do Street Ignition Queens proud.


Please let me introduce the lovely ladies who attended our first North Qld meet & cruise...guess I will start with me Chele, I am a Ford V8 revhead from way back!!! I am blessed to own the last Falcon FGX XR8, which has been custom tuned, catback 3" system to give me 500HP!! I will be driving this beast until they take my licence away!!

Bernadette Cooper drives a very sexy black Valiant SV1...she is the President of a classic car group & does amazing things for local charities. So happy to have you along and sharing your events with us.

Meet Gayle Johnston and her fantastic 34 Chevy Roadster, this thing is immaculate!! Such a lovely lady and an inspiration to me to keep cruising...

This is Donna Adams the proud owner of her VZ Commodore, her family own many others but she has plans to sell and purchase a V8 soon. Donna is an active member of several local car groups.

Sue Smith brought out her black Mazda RX8, next time maybe the Holden Tigra Roadster could come for a spin!! She loved giving the rotary a run...

Last, but certainly not least, please meet Jane O'Neill who is the very reason I wanted to start this group in North Qld...this was her first meet & cruise on her own with her sexy Purple People Eater 2006 BF Ford Falcon Ute. Hope you come along for many more events.


After general introductions and chatting about our rides, I handed out complimentary decals and flyers to recruit more lovely ladies. Photographs were taken of each lady, before a group shot, where we lined up for what we would like to call the North Qld ladies "stance".

Coffee was then consumed before Bernadette in her black Valiant SV1 led us off on a cruise of the main strip and Strand esplanade, she did an awesome job and we stayed as a group all the way...many heads were turned by our lovely rides.

We then finished at Suncity Raceway to watch some bitumen sprint action, and get to know each other a bit better.

We are already planning our next Street Ignition Queens event to travel an hour South together for a show and shine. All ladies have reported they enjoyed the morning immensely and I believe from our small beginnings we will grow into a group to be proud of...

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