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#SiQQLD North's Exclusive Automotive Detailing Event

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

After weeks of planning and multiple messages between #SiQadmin Loli Azuelo, myself North Queensland Representative Chele Bero, approved Bowdens Detailer Sean De Burca from Shine Garage and Coop's Automotive Bernadette Cooper, we were pleased to hold our Street Ignition Queens' first Bowden's Own Detailing Event in Townsville.

North Queensland turned on beautiful winter weather - hot!!! But Coop's Automotive provided the shade in just the right places...thanks again to Jeff & Bernadette for their hospitality.

Sean brought the fear for the job and we set up ready for our ladies to arrive.

We had a great turn out with eighteen ladies and a few blokes to make up the numbers.

Some new ladies joined us and it was lovely to get to know them. Local delicatessen Otto's marketplace provided amazing savour and sweet delights to savour whilst Sean shared his knowledge.

I donated my FGX XR8 for the detail and had strict order not to wash for four weeks, I could only handle three weeks!! She was filthy alright...

Sean showed us how to start with the wheels, with ladies helping along the way, to learn the techniques. Snow job was next and it looked amazing, wash next and then drying techniques. The drying and layering of protective products was great to listen to and I think the Big Green Sucker was passed around as ladies could not believe how much water it held!!

Sean finished the detail with Fully Slick and my baby shone like new. A few Bowden's freebies finished off the lovely afternoon nicely. New friends were made and plans made for our next meet...

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