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Official Judging Panel | 2020 ARA

Updated: May 18, 2021

Words by Loli Azuelo | Founder


Street Ignition Queens' Automotive Recognition Awards is is an annual program that sees our community of over 1k women Australia-wide nominate and commend businesses and individuals who are actively practicing inclusivity, diversity and good ol’ family friendly values in the automotive world.

Developed by Street Ignition Queens (affectionately named ‘SiQ’) founder Loli Azuelo, The ARA encourages automotive professions to challenge their mindset on the way they do business. From advocating women focused programs, to displaying genuine customer service skills, to simply providing a welcoming, clean workspace.

Please meet our three official #SiQARA judges for 2020:

Hayley Phillips is the national Brand Communications Specialist for Volkswagen Group Australia. Specifically for the passenger vehicles team managing the marketing and communications for all the model brands. Everything from Polo all the way through to Touareg.

Hayley has being working in the Automotive industry for almost six years, starting her career at Toyota in a similar role. She has been at the forefront of some of the companies most successful and innovative marketing campaigns including the HiLux Tonka, Polo UnFail viral campaign, Golf R Feel the Drive, partnerships with Splendour in the Grass & World class Semi-Permanent event plus so much more.

Over her entire career, across multiple industries, Hayley has always put personal and professional development at the forefront. Specialising in leadership development and through all of her knowledge has founded ‘She’s Magic That One’; a space for women to lean in, rise up, support one another and be the fierce leaders that they are meant to be.

Hayley’s hope is to inspire, empower and support women and enable them to be the best versions of themselves. No matter what that looks like for them.

Plus on top of all of that she is an independent mother of two very active boys, Kobi & Alex, who are most definitely being taught that girls can also do anything.

Hayley's hobbies include being active: going to the gym and going on big coastal walks.

"I am a huge music lover: get me to a live gig/festival any day."

Future goals are to become a leader that inspires women to reach for the stars.

"Personally I want to become more proficient at playing the piano (currently reteaching myself how to play)"

"The automotive industry has so many opportunities. There are so many varying sectors under the umbrella of automotive that you can be part of. The industry of old is being pushed aside by a new way of thinking giving women, in particular, amazing career opportunities. It’s a fun, innovative and a fast-paced industry. I’ve had a career across music, media, hospitality, entertainment, TV and now automotive. I can honestly say automotive has taught me more than any other industry. My growth has been exponential."

Follow Hayley's journey:

'She's Magic That One' Facebook Community | Instagram Hayley's Instagram: @QueenHaybee


Mother of an adorable little boy, wife, Primary School Teacher, Pole Dancer, SiQ Member since June 2017 and Drifter, Erin is known as the inspirational 'Burnsydrifts' on Instagram building project cars with her husband.

Erin's Father was a drag racer and spent a lot of her childhood at the track with her family. It has always been a large part of her life and when she came of age to get her license and first car, it all naturally took its course.

When asked who has positively impacted her life: "My parents have always supported me throughout my life and shaped me into who I am. My husband is my rock who continues to teach me so much with every project we do together. I have never met a more genuine soul and he has made me a better person just seeing how selfless and hard working he is. "

Erin truly loves everything about the automotive event atmosphere: The drive to prep the cars and gear, arriving with butterflies, seeing familiar faces that are also stoked just to be out and the sharing of stories of all the mission impossibles overcome just to get to that event - And of course, being out on track.

"Being challenged every step of the way, being frustrated, angry, confused, excited and accomplished all in one day. One of the best parts is the debrief at the end of the day with your mates, usually with smiles ear to ear reminiscing the day that was."

Future goals for Erin are to always keep pushing, regardless of what it is. To be a better wife, mother, teacher, drifter and dancer. "I never want to be my own obstacle in striving for more."

"If you want it, do it. The automotive scene has been a big part of my life for a long time. I’m very blessed to have met so many great people and have had so many awesome life experiences because of cars and drifting. Just don’t let negativity discourage you from accomplishing your goals and enjoying your passion."

Follow Erin's journey:

Instagram: @BurnsyDrifts


May West is the talented artist, designer and owner behind Drift Bunny Decals. SiQ member since November 2017 aaand a ViQ Business Partner [#ViQ061], May always wanted to be an animator and found her love of drawing characters with her insanely 'SiQ' illustrating skills.

Using resin for her Tsurikawas, May is working on expanding more into print.

May's passion for animation and anime/ gaming enlightened her to automotive:

"I discovered Initial D at the local video store and NFSU2 on a gifted xbox. That introduced me to the world of drift at a young age. I taught myself alot via wikipedia and eventually realised we had a local drift scene. That’s what spiked me to start Drift Bunny, I would just get excited designing things and seeing peoples reactions to it."

Her partner Sam who owns an e30 has helped May throughout the years with the brand and doing car things together. Hyping each other up with ideas and builds.

Meeting amazing people in her travels, sharing discussions about cars and creative projects and empowering each other, is what May loves most about the automotive scene.

Future goals for May is to just to keep carrying on and riding this rollercoaster, as new exciting things pop up all the time. "I would also love to travel to USA with the brand in future and meet some of the amazing people I have met online."

May provides some worthy advice for other creative women who are unsure how to get their art out there in the automotive scene:

"Don’t be afraid to suck. We all suck sometimes, but if its something that brings you happiness then that’s all that matters! Just keep pushing what you love and it'll all work out."

Follow May's journey:

Tiktok: @driftbunnydecals | @may_ma61


Finalists receive official certifications and qualify for the critical stage being judged by a panel of influential women. Finalists nominations are scored against specific criteria with the highest score winning in their category.

The highest scoring nominations in each category will receive a major advertising space in our 2021 Women's Automotive Calendar distributed nationally and across the globe, ensuring they are seen as businesses who are striving for only the very highest in services and equality within the automotive culture.

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