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2021 SiQ APC Submissions

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Words by Loli Azuelo | Founder


With our 2021 Automotive Photography Challenge #SiQAPC21 now complete, our Official Automotive Photography Challenge Judging Panel now has the hard task of selecting their Top 7 and I'm so happy to reveal the 10 Very Inspirational Queens that have put their fears behind and stepped in front of the camera.

In no particular order, let's meet the women who represent their rides, themselves and in turn, women around the globe - and they should all be very proud. I know I am. After reading their stories, and living through their images, I know you will be too.

"I started in the automotive scene because my big brother is into cars. He would let me watch as he worked on them and showed me how to work on my car. He would also take me to car meets and Crail Raceway when I wasn't able to drive. Since then I have modified every car I've owned. I like being part of the automotive scene because it's friendly, welcoming and every one appreciates the time and money I've put into my car.

This image means a lot to me because it is where I'm from, I'm proud to be Scottish and part of Street Ignition Queens. I love the fact that it shows a part of Scotland that I really like, it's close to the 'Rest and be Thankful' which is a popular beauty spot and it shows there is beauty on the open road."

SiQueen: Leanna Sloan

Photographer Credit: AM Photos


"I always had an interest in cars and the automotive industry as my Father was an Automotive Upholster and did a lot of amazing interiors for a lot of classic cars. Growing up around his work shop I got to meet a lot of really cool people and their cars.

My taste moved more towards the newer and sportier looking cars, and watching Fast and Furious with the higher than most female presence showed me that cool cars "aren't just for the boys". Suki's Honda s2000 will always be one of my dream cars.

In 2018 I upgraded from a Ford Laser to a 2017 Ford Focus Sports. The Focus was soon named the "SLOCUS". Being in my car, driving along the highway is always my happy place. Jazzing the SLOCUS up with a set of 18inch Simmons FR-1s or "Yeah Buds" as they are now widely known and a super blingy number plate holder. Hopefully in the next year or so I will be able to send it in for a tune! I feel that my car really expresses me and my personality perfectly."

SiQueen: Anna McDermott #ViQ754

Photographer: Flutter Photography


"I am a Ford girl to the core and have driven too many Falcons to remember over the years since being a teenager. My fondest memory is of an old green Fairmont XC which I drove my three babies around in. I still have vivid dreams of her gorgeous exhaust rumble and totally regret selling her. I now have the privilege of owning one of the last Ford Falcons manufactured in Australia, she may not be stickered up or a fancy colour, but she is a classic silver lady and totally gleams after a polish!! She has been upgraded with a Holy Grail package, is build #65 of 100 making 483kws and is a keeper for sure!! She is my daily and definitely known around town.

I set up this photo and took it myself on timer. My stance is related to how our Nth Qld SiQ group like to stand, which is feet firmly planted beside the cars we love to drive. I am a person who does not like the spotlight and I believe I shine behind the scenes as an organiser and encourager of others. Therefore, I am not looking at the camera, but rather thinking of our next Nth Qld cruise day and wondering where we will meet to share our love of cars with other lovely ladies and their rides.

I look forward to where my SiQ journey takes me and the Nth Qld ladies in the next twelve months."

SiQueen: Chele Bero #ViQ065

Photographer: Chele Bero Images


"It all started as a child, my dad always wanted a boy and only got two girls. I was his first born child and I became his boy, which I love! My dad is heavily in the car scene building his own cars and being part of his journey and having him being part of mine is the best feeling in the world. Being a female in the car scene was once hard as we all were not very well know and supported, SIQ has given us all so much love and support and we are growing as a community and more girls are getting into the scene which is amazing and I’m so proud to be apart of it. It’s an incredible support network and it’s truly inspiring. This image means so much to me as it’s a representation of myself I’m a bit of a fire cracker (like my father.)"

SiQueen: Melissa Pinner #ViQ991

Photographer Credit: Angryman Photography


"I first became interested in cars growing up with three older brothers. I’ve always loved cars and watching Bathurst every year on TV hence my pic out front of Reid Park here in Townsville. I have a wagon because I have three much loved border collies."

SiQueen: Marie Dunn #ViQ062

Photographer: Amanda Kaye Imagery


"I love cars! Mother of four sons, and stepmother to three daughters and two more sons, all grown, my husband and I have had a few cars together, but my XP Falcon named Bonny is mine and mine alone, she is my pride and joy and I'd been driving her long before I met my second husband.

Originally purchased for me by my first husband, around 1991, the first time I sat in this old yellow XP it felt just right, it was the perfect size for me, I loved it.

Bonny was my daily driver for about 16 years. She has served me well with school runs for my four sons, footy practice, judo lessons, guitar lessons, shopping, work etc...

Time had taken its toll and her paint was very chalky, upholstery needed to be redone, the 170 pursuit motor was very tired, brake issues, electricals etc...

I couldn't let her just sit there, I thought about it long and hard and decided I would get a loan to make her beautiful again. Bonny was going to look and feel very different!

I set about stripping her down as much as I could do myself. I bagged and labelled clips and screws, I took off the door handles, door cards, chrome strips, grill, headlights, tail lights and chrome surrounds. I spent many hours polishing chrome on Sunday afternoons, readying to put back on after her paint job.

I must make note that my inspiration for this second makeover came when I was searching Google for ideas. I came across a photo of this magnificent Gunmetal Grey XP Coupe', no chrome strips, no badges, just sleek lines and gleaming chrome wheels! I was in love!

That's what I wanted for my four door 1965 XP Deluxe.

I found a colour called Magnetic Grey, and had the interior reupholstered in a style to suit the era of my car. My husband put in a 250 Alloy head Crossflow motor with some modification for the added fan and gifted me some beautiful chrome Speedy wheels.

I get out as often as I can for a cruise either by myself, with friends or a group club activity, be it Cyclones or SiQ. I love this group of ladies and our little get togethers.

We all love our cars and enjoy talking about everything car related or personal chat, so relaxed and I personally like the Facebook interaction."

SiQueen: Lynne Whyte #ViQ423

Photographer: Amanda Kaye Imagery


"Since I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told to go home and die quietly by my last surgeon, I thought 'Hell NO!'. That's when my passion for BMW began.. I got an E21 coupe and fell in love and thought, I want to go further and start racing..

I brought a LHD E21 with roll cage and from there built myself a race car - and with wonderful help and support from some great friends I did just that. This is my first year of competing with the BMWDCSA and I couldn't think of anything better knowing I'm racing what I built. My last act of defiance. Why is my race car called 'NO'?, Because people keep telling me 'No I shouldn't do it', so I named her 'NO'. Now I own that word. Don't tell ever tell me NO."

SiQueen: Julie Pfennig #ViQ021

Photographer: Bluewire Photography


"I enjoy racing, being a female doesn't have any relevance for me. It's not pushed me to try harder or do anything different.

I love cars. I've been involved with cars from a young age as my dad is a mechanic."

SiQueen: Hannah Taylor #ViQ619

Photographer: Bryce Carrier Photography


"I got into cars in my early teens and thanks to my mum for getting me hooked, it started from watching Bathurst 1000 on tv with mum. Most of my car knowledge comes from my mum showing and teaching me and from this my ultimate goal is to pass this addiction and knowledge onto my daughter.

From the moment we (husband and I) bought our daughter home from hospital in our 40th anniversary GT we knew she was going be car girl. Before she could walk she had her own Mustang and she loves it, now that’s she little bit older she gets her Mustang out and drives it around and does check overs of her Mustang.

I recently purchased the F6X and this our car as myself and daughter go everywhere in it, she helps me wash and clean the F6X too. I want to be able to teach her that it’s ok for girls to like cars and have a car that they are proud of whether it’s a classic or their daily drive."

SiQueen: Chantal Bryce #ViQ176

Photographer: Amanda Kay Imagery


"I started my whole automotive journey when I was little. I was in love with cars / truck / bikes - everything with an engine! And I absolutely loved helping my dad/step dad fix vehicles so when I got older, in school I took automotive classes and did an apprenticeship at my papas shop. My first car was a 2007 Chevy Cobalt which was my moms old car and I put every free moment I had into that car and it just got better and better as time went on. Since then I’ve had many project cars / trucks and daily drivers. I’ve done quite a few engine swaps in my drive way (p.s. it’s a pain lol). My last car (2004 Honda Civic) made me fall in love with Civics. I honestly didn’t like them before this but now I absolutely love them! I now have a 2006 civic I got back in March and I have so many plans for it - And I still have 3 projects on the go!"

Queen: Shannon Schamehorn #ViQ696

Photographer: @shnaenaethecraycray


These 10 submissions will now be judged by our Official Judging Panel including Triple Eight Race Engineering Co-Owner Jessica Dane, Wildlife Photographer Gemma Ortlipp and Professional Photographer Jules Ingall. The Top 7 will have a feature on Street Ignition Queens 2021 Women's Automotive Calendar and Winner's Lanyard distributed across the globe. Lady Driven Co, will then host the public vote on their Instagram to determine who will be crowned the Cover Queen of the Calendar.

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