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Automotive Recognition Awards 2019 Winners

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Street Ignition Queens held their very first Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019 which was an absolute success.

Voted by women of the SiQ Community, businesses and individuals had the opportunity to be nominated based on their products, services and inclusivity.

Once nominations were complete, it was then up to official judges Kahli Bell of Custom Importz, Nicole Kastner of Ashbury Service Centre and Helen of Driven Women Magazine to have the difficult task to score each nomination according to quality of written nomination provided by members and here are the winning results for Street Ignition Queens Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019:

Yvette Kinkade - Co-founder of Track Day Club and Ms Street Ignition Queen 2019

Loved by many for everything she does inside and out of the automotive community and scored the highest in her category, Yvette Kinkade (co-founder of Track Day Club) is crowned the official winner of Ms Street Ignition Queen for SiQ’s Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019.

"Rumbling down the F3 to Robertson in Dad’s GTHO was where my passion was ignited for all things cars. What followed were car shows, more weekend cruises, a used car dealership, lots of V8’s, hours in workshops, an obsession with Monaro’s and then came, track days.

My first track day experience was memorable, unfortunately not in a good way. After participating a couple of times, it was sadly obvious the track day landscape was indeed unwelcoming and very intimidating, particularly for a woman driving a V8. So, I thought, "You know what, I can do this way better!”, and that was the start of this amazing journey.

In the last eight years, I’ve delivered a modern approach to track days through shifting industry goal posts and ensuring the offering is warm and inviting whilst delivering the opportunity to drive your car on track. I’ve created an all-inclusive community that is easily accessible and welcoming, encouraging more women to participate and experience high performance driving and build confidence as they discover the limits of their car.

Participants at Track Day Club are diverse, not only in age but the cars they drive and their experience, reinforcing the achievement of an equal and level environment in which participants can feel comfortable and not intimidated while accessing mentorship, friendship and fun surrounded by other like-minded men and women all enjoying not only the track time but a good time.

In 2017 to 2019, I was Team Manager for Krincorp Racing. In 2018, racing a Holden VF SSV Redline, we celebrated a Class win and 10th outright in one of the biggest production races of the year held over the Easter weekend, the Hi Tec Oils Bathurst 6hr.

Throughout 2019, I am Team Manager for Team Virag Racing, a two-car Father and Daughter race team. Young racer Corrine Virag has just completed her debut year with great success in the NSW Production Touring Car series and in 2020 we are headed to the Hi Tec Oils Bathurst 6hr with our sights firmly set on a podium finish, so stay tuned for that!

I was a Business Leader Finalist in the NSW Business Awards in Sydney South and Businessperson Finalist in the Local Business Awards in the Southern Highlands in 2018, both exciting achievements.

Looking forward, I seek new trends within the industry while maintaining the integrity delivering exceptional track days. I would like to add here, that I have an amazingly hard-working team that completely make all of this possible.

2020-2023 will see more events throughout Australia, in June 2018, we showcased Track Day Club at Queensland Raceway to a new audience that was really well received, and we are excited to be headed to Victoria in 2020. With a view to take the brand international, we have recently been featured in an Arizona base enthusiast YouTube channel and we are headed to the USA in October 2020 with plans for the US market.

I’m also planning to help build the presence of more women in the Australian motorsport scene, particularly production racing, a little something I’ve begun to dip my toes into.

Lastly, Street Ignition Queens ethos parallels all I believe. We are both an automotive community of support, educating and motivating and importantly regardless of what you drive. We are both here to provide open access and have conversations of encouragement as we unite and inspire.

I believe there is a little enthusiast in all of us, you just need the right environment to unleash it!"



Phonix Photography, Rox Guzman, Street Ignition Queens Best Creative Services Automotive Recognition Awards 2019

With a combined score of 248 out of a possible 300, Phonix Photography has been named official winner of Best Creative Services for Street Ignition Queens Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019 and with several nominations from the SiQ community, it was definitely a well deserved win.

Rox Guzman of Phonix Photography is a passionate photographer who lends a hand when needed and is always driven to take photos of anything automotive that inspire and create happiness. Supporting Street Ignition Queens since day one, Rox continues to spread the automotive love we all share through her photography.

" [Rox] has such an amazing talent being able to use any environment to her fantastic photography skills creating wonderful pieces of art."

"Great eye for detail"



Women's Motorsport Development Program, WMDP, Rachelle Stirling, Street Ignition Queens Best Products Service Automotive Recognition Awards 2019

With a combined score of 266 out of a possible 300 exceeding other nominations in it’s category, Women’s Motorsport Development Program has been named official winner of Best Automotive Product / Service for 2019 Automotive Recognition Award.

With female participation in Motorsport only 7% of competitors, it can be challenging and intimidating for female Motorsport enthusiasts to get a start in the sport. The WMDP was launched in 2016 to take the intimidation out of Motorsport for women and girls, aged 14 years and over, and it is the only program of its kind in Australia.

Since the Program’s inception, over 30 women and girls ranging in ages from 14 to 55 have embarked on their Motorsport journey, with numerous participants going on to purchase and build track dedicated track cars and competing in such events as the NSW 6 Hour at Sydney Motorsport Park. 

"I really cannot thank you enough! It's really incredible to see what my car was capable of and how I have developed as a driver on and off the track. I am excited to start fine tuning myself and applying that to all things Motorsport. I am truly SO thankful for this program and all the incredible people I have met along the way."

"I have been looking at getting into Motorsport for a while now but was unsure how to start as I have no experience. I then found this program and it seems like the perfect opportunity!"

" I am thrilled they support women in the racing categories. Have always wanted to be part of the program"



Best Mechanic Repair Service Centre, Rising Sun Subaru, Street Ignition Queens Automotive Recognition Awards 2019

Family owned and operated business, Rising Sun Subaru have been running for 10 years playing with Subaru's for over 20 years along with a combined score of 259 out of 300, RSS been named official winner of Best Mechanic / Repair Service Centre for Street Ignition Queens Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019.

RSS passionate knowledgeable owners Kris and Wendy along with their two girls, help their equally passionate customers by specialising in importing Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Subaru Parts, Motors, Gearboxes, front cuts and interiors.

RSS are experts at sourcing brand new, genuine parts, motor building and are happy to help with standard Subaru servicing and any general enquiries you may have.

"Not only do they go out of their way for all of their customers during business hours, but even in their own spare time Kris, Wendy and the crew are more than happy to answer questions or even open the shop if you need it. They've been loyal and kind to work with, they aren't just a mechanics workshop, they're family."



Downshift Aus, Best Automotive Event, Street Ignition Queens, Automotive Recognition Awards 2019

Scoring a sweet 245 out of a possible 300, Downshift Aus has been named official winner of Best Automotive Event for Street Ignition Queens Automotive Recognition Awards for 2019.

What is Downshift? Why does it exist? And why should you even care?

We believe people have a right to pursue their legitimate automotive passion without persecution by the authorities, or judgement by the media and society at large. We believe car enthusiasts deserve rad events. And we just happen to be able to make that a reality.

We choose to do things the right way: through blood, sweat and tears, hard work and dedication. We support businesses that support you. We buy legit parts and prefer to put in more effort or wait rather than take shortcuts and be half-assed. We don’t care about whether someone’s car is built not bought, we don’t care how much or little money you have to spend on it, all that matters is that we love cars and appreciate the effort and heart that’s been put in.

All of us at Downshift have been involved in the car scene since a young age and live and breathe everything automotive. We started DS to rejuvenate an ailing Australian car scene. Watching what America was doing and how jaw-dropping their scene is, we created Downshift with the idea to give Australia the car scene it deserves. We cover everything from small car meets, to feature cars, to running some of the biggest events Australia has to offer. So if you want to read about the dopest rides, the top events and get down to the biggest show and shine meets then you have landed at the right place.

" An event for all enthusiasts whether it be JDM, AUDM, European, prestige luxury cars, or an old bomb. All are welcome. Food catered for, music always suitable, suitable venues, and good team."


Congratulations to all our Automotive Recognition Awards Winners of 2019 and looking forward to what brings you all in 2020! Make your vote count next ARA by joining our SiQ Ladies Automotive Community.

Support these talented teams and The National Breast Cancer Foundation by purchasing our 2020 Women's Automotive Calendar today.

- Loli Azuelo

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