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Best Creative Automotive Service 2021 Finalists

Our #SiQARA21 Best Creative Automotive Service Finalists Revealed!

Street Ignition Queens' members have nominated, and here are our Top 3 small businesses that have dedicated their creative minds and through their chosen media, giving their audience a unique insight of their passion for the automotive scene.

Please join me in congratulating our 2021 Finalists by reading their responses to their nominations.


Hi my name is Amanda and I started and own Amanda Kaye Imagery. I am a Townsville North Queensland photographer. I like to think that I am a down to earth and friendly person. I have always loved photography and specialise in Family, Automotive, Couples, Pets, Wildlife, Engagements, Maternity and many more types of photography.

I started my little business as a hobby about 10 years ago and have slowly built it over time with the help of family and friends. My passion for photography has grown as I love helping people capture their memories, because at the end when people/possessions leave or passed photos and memories are all we have left.

My love for cars has always been there even when I was a child I would rather play with cars than dolls. I am also lucky to have a husband and family that are right into cars, so much so my husband and father in law are both resorting XP Falcons each. So to throw cars and photography together is heaven. We can spend hours upon hours at car shows taking photos.

For the last few years I have focused mostly on wildlife. But when the SIQ ladies approached me and asked me to help with photographing them with their pride and joys I couldn't resist. I have sparked the fire in my heart to get back into portraiture.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Connect with Amanda Kaye Imagery: Facebook | Instagram



My business is solely owned and operated by myself. I’ve had motors in my blood pretty much since I was born thanks to my dad the most amazing man I’ve ever met and my constant inspiration. I found my love for all things photography and media related in high school and have done all I can to grow my skill and knowledge since.

I specialise in cars and Motorsport photography, videography and media. Almost 80% of my work in the speedway community is volunteering at local tracks to take photos and promote local drivers, as well as developing posters and programs for my local club in Moora WA. I sponsor a team of drivers including both senior and junior competitors I take on any junior driver as they are the future of our sport.

Speedway media is my passion but it is supported by my loving partner who races himself and my ever supportive family. However I work in all works of life from weddings to maternity shoots I’ll take on anything you give me a chance at. I stand for all women in the speedway community and the greater Motorsport community alike and take any chance to support a fellow woman. SIQ is a wonderful part of who I am and a fantastic supportive group of women who never fail to make me feel powerful and proud everyday.

My business is small and of course local to Midwest and central wheatbelt WA and occasionally the southwest but if there’s speedway in town you can guarantee I’ll be around for a chat I love meeting new people and making new friends so never feel like you can’t come say hello.

Connect with Carpe Diem Media: Facebook | Instagram

Tova Ethell 0438 410 870


CHELE BERO IMAGES | Townsville, QLD Over the years I have developed my creative eye through different artistic mediums. But in the last few years I have moved from capturing my own family memories to developing my photography skills in different areas. I am certainly not an expert as there is still so much to learn and not enough time in my day. I am part of a local photography club and have been blessed with being surrounded by years of knowledge and have learnt so much with these wonderful club members. I have recently started a Facebook page to share my images and my Instagram page is well established. Therefore, my photography is based on social media and is shared between different automotive clubs. I love photographing people's automotive loves and get a buzz when they share my photos and make a positive comment. I am more of an 'in the background' photographer as I want to capture the spirit of an event and want the people to shine in my photos as well. That is the beauty of photography as it captures that particular moment in time so we can look back and remember that moment long after it is past. My photograph is never staged or set up but rather event based so having to deal with the green grass, glaring sunlight is certainly a challenge. Outside of photography you will find me in nature somewhere capturing some little creatures or animals. I am blessed to have the ability to share with others automotive passions.

Connect with Chele Bero Images: Facebook | Instagram

Chele Bero

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