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Best Mechanic / Repair Centre 2021 Finalists

Our #SiQARA21 Best Mechanic / Repair Service Centre Finalists Revealed!

Street Ignition Queens' members have had their say and here are the Top 3 businesses who have consistently been reputable, inclusive and provide that good old great customer service for their clients.

Please join me in congratulating our Mechanic / Repair Centre Finalists by reading their response to their very well deserved nominations


Jeff & Bernadette Cooper, born and bred in Townsville North Queensland,established Coop's Automotive in 2006 with the help of their son Cody. The Coopers have a strong sense of community and take pride in building good relationships with their customers. They feel privileged to have had continued local support, which has provided them with a reputable business offering a high standard of service at an affordable price that draws their clients back year after year. Coop's Automotive handles logbook servicing, brake and clutch repairs, safety certificates, motor vehicle inspection and testing along with many other types of automotive repairs. Coop's also specialises in classic car, providing automotive services, repairs and recommendations to many of the Street Ignition Queens in the Townsville area. Coops has been part classic car scene for many years by supporting local clubs and car show events. Both Jeff & Bernadette are actively involved in running one of Townsville’s biggest car clubs, the Cyclones Rod & Custom Club and have been on the Cyclones Club committee since 2013. Bernadette has just as much passion for the classics as Jeff does, she campaigned for 4 years to get the Touring Car Masters, a muscle car racing category, to race at the Townsville 400. Through sheer determination she succeeded in 2018, something she is very proud of doing for the Townsville enthusiast community.

Connect with Coops Automotive: Facebook | Instagram | Website

313 Bayswater Road , Garbutt QLD, 4814 | 07 4725 2188



Wow..... I mean Seriously, Wow......!! I certainly did not see that coming though what a truly inspiring surprise in such challenging times we find ourselves in. So thank you... I am blown away and more than equally full of gratitude that my clients would actually take the time to do this for me.

Road2Race Chassis Tuning was launched in mid 2008 with my vision at this time to offer a unique & more comprehension service for chassis tuning & vehicle wheel alignment. Prior to this I owned & operated MyCar Repair Centre in Woy Woy NSW for 10 years. My career experience over the last 20 years has also included working for Redranger who brand Nolathane and Whiteline products.

Suspensions and wheel alignment has always remained a silent passion of mine with the science of chassis tuning and race car set up a continual point of fascination for me. I think it was always just going to matter of time before this burning desire became a driving force of reality that led me to the charge of opening my own suspension business.... And that I eventually did....!!

At the time of inception and planning into Road2Race Chassis Tuning it really was clear that there was a void for this type of work within the vehicle aftermarket, race and modified vehicle scene. Sure you could have a wheel alignment completed at every tyre shop of which there are many, though my vision was to take race geometry and all aspects of highly accurate chassis tuning to a new level and make this service available for everyone.

This business initiative has certainly presented itself with many challenges though. Suspension tuning really is a black art with the associated science and dynamics making this aspect of the automobile an infinite learning curve. The art of chassis tuning is just so astonishingly complex & misunderstood. Yet, when you get it right, you pay witness to your clients bettering personal bests at the race track measured in 2-3 seconds. This sort of performance gain was previously considered unheard of from relatively low cost vehicle modifications, chassis tuning & adjustments. Though it has become a very real reality for so many..... And that's awesome...!!

As a result of the many challenges listed, a critical aspect of my work has been communication and education. It is this aspect of my work that remains highly rewarding and greatly appreciated by my customers. As mentioned, the complexities of my work are great and I sometimes describe it like this: Formula 1, Supercar and all high levels of motorsport spend millions every year to find the elusive set up. The dynamics for chassis tuning and the ever evolving advancements in vehicle design and performance enhancement are a forever moving challenge & target. There is always going to be a better way to do things as we learn and break through the technology barrier in our quest for perfection and a fast race car. A split second is the difference between winning & losing. Because of this, I remain completely dedicated to my clients needs and committed to work with them during their motorsport journeys. As an older person in the trade I still love to learn, I am very excited if I can buy just a new book or tool for my workshop and I am grateful for the modern world of online learning resources.

I would love to take a moment to share with you some of my services: a. High accuracy wheel alignment for both road & race applications b. Corner weighting service c. All aspects of vehicle chassis tuning & suspension set up d. Coil-over installations with all options of set up services e. Coil springs & sway bars f. Broad range of vehicle repairs g. Modern, large and well equipment workshop & much more.....!!

As a result of these unprecedented times, I have opened up sections of my workshop to "Central Coast Disaster Relief" who provide food and services for the homeless and most vulnerable in the Gosford and Central Coast Region. The majority of their food & donations are stored on site and volunteers will come in to pack food hampers etc... This is a non for profit organisation who have been inundated with requests for help since lock downs with so many people now out of work. This has been my small opportunity to contribute and give back to the community when they truly need it the most.

Thank you so much again for making my week a little more special.... I am not to sure that I really feel worthy of this nomination though it has inspired & lifted me to do better.

Connect with Road 2 Race Chassis Tuning: Facebook | Website

6/5 Nells Rd, West Gosford NSW 2250 | (02) 4322 7804



Joel has always had a passion for cars from a very young age, it all started when his older brother got his Ps and his very first car which was a Subaru WXR 2000 model, witnessing his brother taking pride in his car made Joel want to do the same. Joel didn't get his licence until he was 28 so he would attend Car Meets with his friends and help them take pride in their cars by making sure they looked amazing for everyone to see.

To Joel Top Shine Detailers isn't just a business it is a hobby and a passion and he will rearrange his day just so he has the right about of time to spend on a car, he will not stop until it is perfect. He doesn't care if the car is 1 month old or 16 years old, modified or belongs to the little old lady down the road if it needs cleaning Joel will jump at any opportunity to get his hands in soapy water.

When we attend Car Meets Joel will spend hours talking to people about what products he uses and recommends, he is always helping the new kids out giving them hints and tip and even sample products. He doesn't believe there are any stupid questions when it comes to detailing a car and he is always happy to answer any question that someone has.

Currently Joel is a one man band, though he does have his partner Kathryn by his side making appointments and ordering supplies.

As Joel has been blessed a daughter he can now prove to the Car Community that it is not only just for the boys, he will be teaching her everything he knows about cars and detailing so that one day she will also have the same passion."

Connect with Top Shine Detailers: Facebook | Instagram

Sydney, NSW | 0416 872 429

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