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Cars4Kids Charity Event

Words by Ruth Struth, ViQ Member #017 | Images by Loli Azuelo, SiQ Founder


Cars4Kids was an event held in the car park of The Nepean River Restaurant Precinct also known as The East Bank. The event was originally meant to be held at Parklea Markets but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, event organisers had to change venue. The show was not as big as intended partly due to the last minute venue change, however there was still an awesome turn-out with a variety of gorgeous hot rods, classics, muscles and bikes on display and us Street Ignition Queens ladies came in and mixed it up with a few imports of our own. Money raised from this event went to local children’s charities including Bandage Bear and Westmead Children’s Hospital.

I travelled from out near Bathurst to attend and was so glad to have the opportunity to meet some of our other SiQueens who I previously haven't met, even though we've all been in the community for so long! It's rare times like these where I love getting together with like-minded ladies and supporting a great cause while we show off our pride and joys.

I met fellow SiQueens for the first time Erin Avery and her Mitsubishi Ralliart, Jillian Helm with her Suzuki Swift and Tracey Wise (official ViQ [Very Inspirational Queen] Member #001 - who is literally the very first Street Ignition Queens member since it was created in late 2016!), her partner Joel and their Subaru WRX.

SiQ founder Loli also surprised us, being the very first of the official ViQ Membership holders to receive our much anticipated ViQ Welcome Kits. These kits include the latest SiQ charity lanyard, personalised Membership Pass, referral passes and decals which Jillian had no hesitation and jumped right into action with Erin, placing it with great care on her Swift.

The girls had also purchased SiQ hoodies and SiQ's 2019 Women's Automotive Calendar supporting, women in the automotive scene, reputable businesses through the Automotive Recognition Awards and of course, the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Loli got her creative hat on and brought some colouring in activities for the kids which went down really well with the little one as SiQ always promotes being a family friendly community. The best thing about the colouring in, was that it was our cars! So yes of course I did take one for myself just quietly. I just couldn't resist!

Camera in tow, Loli did a walk around the event grabbing some shots (scroll to the end to check all of them out) and managed to catch Kate Malgit and Jocelyn Martin who were also displaying their rides at the event and had also won awards (go ladies!).

They're now (of course!) new members of our SiQ ladies community and will be a part of the new #SiQlife journal entries coming up in 2020 so definitely keep an eye out. Exciting stuff!

My girl Envy had a lot of interest in all the mods I had done - and managed to win a trophy for her audio setup which was absolutely thrilling for her first Show'n'Shine entry. Throughout the event, it was such an amazing feeling to have people interested in talking about her. Next time I hope to have her engine bay cleaned so I can show that off too 📷

After many compulsory happy snaps thanks to Tracey's partner Joel, including Erin assuming her usual automotive event position on the floor, sustaining an injury along the way due to her excitement! haha it was time to once again help Loli pack down the iconic marquee and roll it back into her Mumma Van.

As a long time member since 2017, it was so awesome to represent Street Ignition Queens once again and women in the automotive scene as a whole. To be able to promote our community of amazing ladies and the opportunity to encourage more to join our supportive, welcoming, positive group.. I couldn't be prouder.


More Cars4Kids Event images by Loli Azuelo

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