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Personal items you can't live without while travelling

Street Ignition Queen members tell us what they just can't leave behind while they're out and about in their rides. After reading this, what's something you'll now remember to bring?

'My wallet, dog’s seatbelt, phone and the aux cord"

- Erin Avery [@__ezzie98__]

"Dog leash and poo bags, first aid kit, CDs, jumper leads, lock nut, hair comb, tissues, and a keep cup"

- Sam Hudson

"Wallet and phone and my cameraaa"

- Tova Ethell [@tova_rosalee]

"Handbag, phone, aux cord, spare jumper"

- Shana Anyon [@calamity_jane92]

"Handbag, headset, little tree coconut, cleaning rag, dry wash, spare comfy shoes" - Rachael Drewitt [@rachyz]

"iPad/iPod for them tunes, phone, charger, multitool, wipes"

- Aaliyah Smith

"Phone, sneakers, trackies and jumper and most important a snack bar so I don't get hangry behind the wheel."

- Anna Gleeson [@miss_gleeson]

"I have a bag in my car with a sleeping bag, spare set of clothes, toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste, thongs, battery pack, water and charger"

- Tee Puckeridge

"Blanket, aux cord, baby wipes, twisties" - Tayla Lea [@Teddybearbabee16]

"Purse, phone, oh and can I say a mug for coffee-gotta have my coffee."

- Maria Dunn [@zacandsinny]

"COFFEE!!! Bottle of water, my phone (use for Spotify), purse, and sunnies"

- Jane O'Neill

"Well I travel light but have to have purse, iPhone, iPod with 3000 songs, water bottle & lip gloss, my SiQ welcome slips in my glovebox too"

- Chele Bero

'All of the above comments two kids & two dogs usually! Wallet phone Lip gloss moisturiser perfume & AUX! No room for passenger as my front seat is for my HB dogs & all my spare crap! Lol In the Boot: Toys & colouring for kids, Shoes Sox, Spare clothes for me & the kids, pram, deodorant perfume, ov/night bag, food/snacks wipes, blankets, water, tools, bug spray.. Needing a bigger car! You name, it’s in there - basically my house on wheels!"

- Holly Reilly

"My Sunnies, my phone (for Spotify). That’s all I need!!"

- Arielle Louise [@gsr_803]

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