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Ms Street Ignition Queen 2021 Finalists

Our #SiQARA21 Ms SiQ Finalists Revealed!

Fellow Street Ignition Queens' members have nominated the following SiQueen's who have helped them along their automotive journey.

They may not know them personally. They may not have met them in person. Maybe they've just taken the time to answer their questions in our community and have seen them helping others.

Or... maybe they do know this inspiring Queen and have seen the hard work they've put in the background of the automotive scene.

This category is to nominate a SiQueen who has inspired through their positive presence in the automotive scene as well as our SiQ community.

Please join me in congratulating our Top 10, Ms Street Ignition Queen Finalists for 2021 by reading their response to their nominations and what Street Ignition Queens' means to them.


Being part of a community like SiQ is something some people can only dream of - not because it is rare to be part of a group, but it is rare to be part of a group of like minded individuals who are so confident, and comfortable that they don't feel any need to do anything other than lift each other up. Our current world is in such a messy state where there is such negativity.

SiQ provides not only a platform to share but a group of uplifting and supportive women - one of which I am proud to be a part of. We have all struggled with something during our lives and being able to know that there is a group of people backing you all the way not only with your car choice, upgrade or colour but with ANYTHING that comes their way is amazing. Thank you to the person who nominated me, I am humbled and touched by this.


CAITLIN SMITH | Townsville, QLD | #ViQ855

I don’t know where my passion for cars came from, not a single person in my family is into cars like I am. My Dad (who recently passed away) certainly appreciated going fast in cars though, so maybe a little bit did come from there! In the beginning going fast for me involved getting on my horse and riding around with my sister, racing around our paddocks and as I got older that appreciation for ‘horse power’ moved from the actual animal into a machine.

My first car was a 1996 Nissan Bluebird SSS and I loved that thing. It wasn’t the prettiest car, and it was certainly the oldest out of all my friends cars (who were driving around in Lancers and Getz at the time), but that’s the car that made me fall in love with cars and driving. Since then I’ve owned a two Ford Fiesta’s and two Ford Focus’, with my current car being a 2016 Focus RS (known as my little Stormtrooper). If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for Fords!

Being a part of the Street Ignition Queens community is amazing, and getting to be a part of the admin team for SIQ is incredible. I get excited every time I get to welcome a new Queen to our community! Every single lady within our community is incredibly supportive, and so many are willing to share their advice and experiences, which is so important to help the female car community grow. The pandemic over the last two years has really affected our ability to get together in person at events and cruises, but our online community is as strong as ever. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the amazing SIQ community.


CHELE BERO | Townsville, QLD | #ViQ065

I have been part of the SiQ journey since 2017 and what Street Ignition Queens means to me is it provides a beautifully safe but totally fun space to share my own automotive journey.

Loli the creator has built this ladies group to be an amazing community of like minded people, who are respectful and supportive of each member. It does not matter what you ride or drive, where you are in the build of your project car or whether you own a stock standard soccer Mum's car, you are welcome to join and participate in all events.

The SiQ page is managed so well and I love being part of encouraging other ladies and watching them grow in confidence with sharing their automotive journeys.

I have been very honoured and humbled to remain the North Qld admin since 2018. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the organiser and participant in all our wonderful events. I have watched our Nth Qld group grow from a handful of ladies to a much larger wonderful group of ladies.

I could not imagine that we would one day meet and be wearing the SiQ shirts and actually look like a club together!! It has been an amazing journey and I look forward to where the SiQ group takes us next!!


JADE GORDON | Florida USA | #ViQ531

First thank you so much for the nomination! I love being apart of SiQ. I hadn’t been a huge part of the car seen until a few years ago. Let me tell you they were not super nice to women.

I was extremely thankful when I started working on my car and getting into the car scene I came across SiQ on Instagram. Looking through seeing how supportive everyone was I wanted to be apart of it! Ever since I joined SIQ I found such a huge and wonderful amount of support and love!

In this group I have never seen a single person talk bad to each other or tear each other down! To me SiQ means family, love, support and encouragement! I’m beyond blessed to get to know you ladies! Although I live on the other side of the world from most of you I have found a family I never wanna lose and I’m extremely thankful for! You are all amazing! And remember “Big dreams have small beginnings” never give up ladies!


JAIMI-LEIGH HARPER | Tasmania, Australia | #ViQ009

SiQ is more than a community, it’s a family that I’ve felt very welcomed in to. The ladies are encouraging and certainly helps with self confidence! I’ve felt comfortable sharing my progress with my car. I love welcoming new members to our community and I hope they enjoy the group and get as much satisfaction from the group as I do! Being nominated for ms SiQ for a second year in a row makes me feel truly honoured and I am honestly so thankful to those who nominated me! Much love X


JULIE PFENNIG | South Australia, Australia | #ViQ021

Street Ignitions Queens and Loli have been there from the beginning.. I was scared but ready to step outside and with the love and support and encouragement with the SIQ, I did my first meet and greet with the SiQ girls at The Bend Motorsport park with my youngest son Perrin who is my carer and a very understanding of my issues..

The love and support I get from the SiQ group is amazing.. when I started as a rookie race car driver with a car I built, the care and encouragement that i received was fantastic and helped my confidence of "you have got this girl"..

We all have our issues and with the love and support this group give each other is amazing..

No matter what your passion is with whatever car ya love and drive, these girls have ya back and it's an priceless gift.. much love.. and follow ya dreams..


LISA POWER | New South Wales, Australia | #ViQ049

To me, the SiQ community is positive, engaging and welcoming; where we are not judged by who we are, or what kind of vehicles we own. I love that you can be as involved as you want, or just sit back and enjoy seeing a fantastic range of vehicles and hearing about how passionate our members are of their rides.


LIZZIE McLEAN | Queensland, Australia | #ViQ003

The SiQ community to me is so much more than a group of female car enthusiasts. They're friends. Friends who support us in not only our car endeavours, but also our personal lives. We support each other in everything from pregnancy to personal matters.

It started as such a small group and has grown so much over the last few years and I'm so proud to be apart of it. I never usually make friends with girls because some of them are just so full of drama, I've not seen any drama with these girls and it makes me so happy ☺


PAIGE CARTER | Sydney, Australia | #ViQ323

Firstly I'd like to thank all the beautiful ladies who nominated me.

I did not expect it at all.

I haven't been as active in the group as I normally am over the past few months as I have had my first baby, Asher.

I didn't believe people when they said forget life as you know it 🤣

But I still check in often and catch up what I've missed.

I love being apart of SiQ for the support and encouragement everyone gives. This is such a positive group and I and proud to say I'm in SiQ.

I have been in SiQ for a fair few years now. I am proud to see how far we have grown and how much of a family we have created.

We could not have done any of this tho with out the beautiful Loli!

I can't wait for the world to go back to normal and have our SiQ meets.

There are so many new faces to see and learn.


SAMANTHA NEWSTEAD | New South Wales, Australia | #ViQ519

SiQ was and is my lockdown survival tool. To be honest, SiQ made it easier and doable.

What's not to love about SiQ - all the support, respect and encouragement in this group, why wouldn't you want to join and this is why I continue to support and stay 💜

SiQ is Sisterhood - Sisters from other misters coming together to share their love, passion and advice for our cars. It is so hard for a female in a guys car world and this group makes it so easy on us by giving us our car meets and a channel to share our passion 💜

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