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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Words by Loli Azuelo | #SiQFounder


Car Show withdrawals? Street Ignition Queens has got you covered. The SiQueens have spoken. The automotive show must go on...

Adapt. Create. Connect. Strengthen. Our Queens are resilient - And once you read below, you'll realise just how true this statement is.

With what we are presented from 2020, being stuck in a box, doesn't mean our minds have to be. In comes our SiQ Cyber Show'n'Shine.

A collaboration of communities, we're bringing the car show to you.


SiQueens will be encouraged by our SiQ Event Representatives to attend our SiQ Cyber Show'n'Shine by clicking attend in the event link in our dedicated Sistah Event Groups. You will then need to 'register' your own vehicle in the Show'n'Shine by commenting in the event with a creative side-shot image of your vehicle, background removed (see below how you can achieve this). Each registration will receive a unique code via Facebook PM from Loli Azuelo, which will be your complimentary 'raffle ticket' to win prizes.

Loli will collect all of the vehicle images and photoshop them into a virtual car meet backdrop to showcase our community to the world.

We're certainly not the first to do this, but we're here to make the good vibes last.


This is an actual real car event with actual. real. prizes thanks to our event Sponsors Carpe Diem Photography, Hot Import Nights Aus, Drift Bunny Decals, Phonix Photography, Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars and Downshift - we've just made some slight changes to adhere to the physical distancing requirements. So the usual car event rules still apply: Positive automotive vibes only, respect the space that you're in and leave the car park quietly once the event is over lol

Our SiQ Moderators will draw a raffle ticket and announce winners on video in our official Street Ignition Queens Facebook page.


Thanks to Catherine May founder of I Love Drift, her generous prize of a gorgeous dress in the automotive print of the winner's choice worth $60, will be raffled exclusively to our ViQ Membership holder's only.


  1. Join SiQ Ladies Automotive Community and complete all three screening questions.

  2. You'll receive an email invite to join our dedicated Sistah Event group corresponding to your location (or see below). If you're not in Australia, you're absolutely still welcome to join in on the fun! We'll post the event group links in our community so no one misses out.

  3. Your SiQ Event Representative will get in touch within these groups with a SiQ Cyber Show'n'Shine event link for you to click 'going'.

  4. Once you attend the event, comment in the event with an image of your vehicle with the background removed.

  5. SiQ Founder Loli will jump into your PM's with your unique raffle ticket number.

  6. Get as many ladies to join in on the fun too!!

  7. We'll reveal the final car show images along with announcing the winners in approximately a week's time.


You can use a previous image or even set up your tripod and jump into your car now (or get your housemate help) and take a photo of you in your ride!

There are so many phone apps that can help you remove the background from your vehicle image. Just do a quick search for "Background eraser / removal".

We've done the search for you, but if you're proficient in Photoshop, Canva etc. go for it! Android Play Store: Background Eraser

Tried all the apps and just can't figure it out? No stress! Our official SiQ Cyber Show'n'Shine Event Media Sponsor and #ViQueen Tova of Carpe Diem Photography is here to save the day! Simply send your creative vehicle image to Tova via email here and she will be able to do her background removal magic and send it back to you for you to register. Easy peasy!

If you don't receive anything within 24 hours, please double check your junkmail or alternatively send Tova a nice Facebook PM here informing her that you've sent her your registration image, but haven't received it back yet.


Once you're become a SiQueen here, join one of our Sistah Event Groups below and check in the event link in the group so you can start 'attending' and registering your awesome images!

  • Central Coast: Bronwyn Louise Ringrose

  • Rest of NSW / ACT: Loli Azuelo

  • Townsville & Surrounds: Chele Bero

  • Brisbane / Gold Coast & Surrounds: Charlie Eaton

  • Bendigo & Regional: Jacqui Carroll

  • Melbourne & Metro: Giulia Cosoleto

I'll be looking after...

If you're international or not from any of these states, please feel free to select any of the above groups to join and register - we do not want anyone missing out!


This is just one of the fun experiences that Street Ignition Queens inclusive community loves to bring to our diverse Queens - and there's more to come! A lot of work is involved, and we couldn't do it without you, our SiQ Team who volunteer their time and efforts or our business partners who contribute significantly to our community. So thank you.

Hopefully our virtual Car show experience will bring back smiles, laughter and resolve those withdrawals. For at least a few more weeks =)

No matter what you drive, it's about what drives you.

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