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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

It's most certainly not an easy task, but our judges do an amazing job taking the time to read every single SiQueen's nomination and every nominee's response,

Thanks to #SiQARA + #SiQAPC Coordinator Kass Brumley, we are truly honoured to introduce you to our officially inspirational judging panel for this year's SiQ Automotive Recognition Awards.

RHIANON GELSOMINO | Horseshoe Bend, Idaho USA • Travis Pastrana’s co-driver since 2020 - 2021 American Rally Champion

• Competed in over 170 rallies • 20 event wins and 20 WRC starts

Rhianon Gelsomino was born into a Motorsports family. Originally from the small country town of Wedderburn, Australia, Rhianon fell in love with racing from a young age, with her father being a speedway driver and then a rally driver. Rhianon’s two brothers Nathan and Brendan Reeves are both rally drivers and convinced Rhianon into being their co-driver. Rhianon started co-driving in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. She has rallied in over 15 countries and won events in the Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Asia Pacific and American Rally Championships and has been a professional full time co-driver since 2010. She has rallied in any car you can think of, from WRC to classics. She has competed in over 20 WRC events and says rally is her life and her passion. Rhianon started co-driving for Travis Pastrana in August, 2020 and the two worked well together right from their first event, winning the Ojibwe Forests Rally. Rhianon says Travis is like another brother to her and they get along great, which helps with the work they do together in the car. Rhianon also runs a rally training company OzRallyPro with her husband Alex Gelsomino, who is also a professional co-driver. Alex co-drives for Pastrana’s rival and friend Ken Block. The couple has trained over 300 students over 8 years. Connect with Rhianon Gelsomino Imagery: Facebook | Instagram



Michelle Van Der Wilk started her motorsport journey as a Rally official. In 2016 she went from watching to competing as a Co-Driver. While learning the ropes as a Co-Driver Michelle and her partner Jason also built their own rally car which Michelle began competitively driving in 2018.

Michelle has won the 2017 QLD Novice Series Co-Driver and 2019 QLD Novices Series Driver competitions. She also sits on the QLD Rally Advisory Panel which involves providing advice to the Motorsport Australia State Council regarding Rally and managing the QLD Rally Championship and its included Clubman and Novice Series. They also support and nurture each affiliated club in their area so that they will achieve increased participation.



Kass Brumley is a Brisbane based photographer who grew up exploring and capturing the world around her.

Shooting ever since she can remember, Kass specialises in supercars photography, with her passion for all things motorsports coming from her dad who was a touring cars mechanic.

Kass has now discovered a new love of Rally Co-Driving and is currently competing in the QLD Clubman Rally Series.

Dedicating her time as Street Ignition Queens' Automotive Recognition Awards & Automotive Photography Challenge Coordinator, Kass is also on the Qld Rally championship Media Panel.

Her role as a Canon Collective Ambassador during her time living in Sydney allowed her to share her passion and knowledge to the greater photographic community across Australia.

Connect with Kass Brumley: Instagram

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