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Meet our SiQ Community Moderators 2020

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Written by Loli Azuelo | #SiQadmin

It's not only fun & games at SiQ. Behind the scenes we have some serious business to ensure everyone feels safe, welcome and appreciated and here are our #SiQueens who volunteer their time to make it happen.

Allison Quinn

#ViQ013 | Member Since Jan 2017

Allison is your #SiQueen who ensures our small yet significant list of rules are adhered to and is my go-to lady I trust to assist me in setting up major marquee events.

What I do: Assistant service manager at Woolworths.

What I study: No longer studying but have completed a bachelor of policing.

Goals: Wanting to join the AFP and travel America.

What I like about SiQ: I love that it's such a friendly environment with tons of support from likeminded individuals.

What I drive: 2001 Subaru Forester GT

Quick Rule Rundown:

  • Support and respect each and every member.

  • Advertising of any form of business is reserved for ViQ Business Partners and Admin Approved posts only.

  • Events whether you're attending, running or just seeing what's around can only be posted in our dedicated Sistah Event group. Only ViQ Business Partners & Admin Approved events are allowed to post in this main community.

Sam Newstead

#ViQ519 | Member Since Oct 2019

Recently joining our community and SiQ Team, Sam has taken on the role with leaps and bounds!

Sam is the one who keeps the group active with some awesome weekly topics and threads, inspired by our fellow SiQueens.

What I do: I'm a public service employee.

What I study: I don't study, but practice graphic design.

Goals: I'm an enthusiast and lover of classic and modded cars. I got my L's late last year so I'm ready to start modding my own pride and joy to show off to the world!

What I like about SiQ: I love the vibe and attitude of SiQ.

What I drive: I want to eventually own a Toyota A80 or a Holden VL Calais

Lizzie Jay

#ViQ003 | Member Since Feb 2017

Lizzie is the ViQueen's Queen! When new ViQueens sign up, she's the one to make sure that the red carpet awaits for your arrival when she proudly announces you in our community and makes you feel all warm inside by wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

What I do: I'm a stay at home mumma for now, but looking for work cos I'm so bored at home!

What I study: Not currently studying, but I do have certs in hospitality and business.

Goals: I want to one day build up my hobby in photography and become famous lol

What I like about SiQ: I love our not so little community, we love and help each other where we can and we're all just so amazing!

What I drive: Uhmm, well, a Nissan Micra. But she's known as the hot wheels micra because my son stuck a hot wheels sticker over the Nissan part lol

Caitlin Smith

#ViQ855 | Member Since Feb 2020

Caitlin is a Rising Star who was hand-picked and asked by founder Loli Azuelo, seeing how active and welcoming she was towrards members, so we had to have her on the team! Luckily Caitlin said yes and is now an important member of the SiQ Team, warmly welcoming you into our community and letting you know of our events groups and any upcoming events.

What I do: I'm a Personal Assistant to two Partners of a law firm here in Townsville.

What I drive: A 2016 Ford Focus RS in Frozen White, my little Storm Trooper!

Goals: To help grow the SiQ Community and make Townsville Ford Club (which I am an admin for) one of the best car groups in Townsville.

What I like about SiQ: Everyone belongs! No matter what you drive or what your experience with cars is. As someone who didn't grow up around cars it's great that I can feel comfortable asking possibly stupid questions without feeling judged and learn from so many amazing women!

What you want to become a SiQmod: To be a part of this great community in a helpful way.

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