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V-Sport Nicholas Bates steers Timmy86 at WTAC 2019

The Open Class provided the crowd at Sydney Motor Sport Park (SMSP) with some nail biting World Time Attack Challenge driving.

With mechanical failures in many garages, causing heartbreak for some (in fact the splitter on #37 was undergoing repairs late into the night just days before the event start); the V-Sport 86 was strong through the entire event, getting a PB on it’s first outing on Friday.

Affectionately named #Timmy86, this is an awesome car that has been heavily modified (yeah, yeah…most cars in the Attack are!); with a V8 engine thrust into an engine bay that just wasn’t made to take an engine of this size and still allow room for an exhaust.

Placing 5th in the Open Class, this Toyota 86 is arguably one of the slickest, cleanest looking beasts at #WTAC, we will definitely be seeing more of this car in future SiQ journals.

Words, images & interview by SiQ Member,

Karina Santolin | Track n Field Massage

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