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About Us.

Street Ignition Queens [Street I.Q. / SiQ] is a supportive community for ladies who want to immerse themselves in nothing but positive automotive vibes and our main focus is supporting, educating and inspiring women from all walks of life, experience and skill, regardless of what vehicle or motorbike you own.

We're always evolving and our team works closely with members and industry professionals to create high quality content including:
- Member features
- Job opportunities
- Latest events

- Supporting local small businesses

- Unique photography & videography content

- Charity events
- Casual family friendly meets
- Merchandise
- Inspiration
- News & reviews
- Competitions
- Service Directory
- ViQ Membership Exclusives

Sadly, the common misconception being a female community, is that it's interpreted or assumed that we're trying to segregate ourselves or prove that we're better than the gentlemen in this field. This is certainly not the case and in fact, we welcome help & support from anyone who is happy to assist and this is evident in our partnerships with various automotive communities and businesses run by both males and females who have the same ideals.

Simply, Street Ignition Queens is a like-minded, humble community of ladies who can relate with other ladies inside and outside of the automotive world.

Inspired by, and created for you, Street Ignition Queens is here to support you on your automotive journey.

Igniting Minds + Modifying Lives = STREET I.Q.


SiQ [sikw]

01. Slang for 'Sick'. e.g. Cool, ill, dope

02. Acronym for Street Ignition Queen. See below for full definition.

Someone's Mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner. A lady who goes to work, studies, teaches, learns, travel far and wide, stays at home and takes care of their futures.

Smile, laugh, cry, love, hate - A SiQ does this all in one day! And somehow, still keep it together for not only themselves, but those around them.


Listening in silence, speaking their minds, finding alternates for efficiency and effectiveness, no matter how small.

At the same time, a SiQ contributes to a larger society with the bid to ensure our earth is liveable for the next generation.


With all that is going on in the outside world, a SiQ will  jump into their ride and take a deep breath.

Holding on to the steering wheel, a SiQ will finally find their own peaceful solitude.

Driving the streets to reflect, gather their deep thoughts of productivity and ignite inspiration is what a SiQ does best.

Once the journey is complete, and the vehicle comes to a stop, and is safely parked, a SiQ will then open their driver door and step outside - to do it all over again, each and every day.


Whether for practicality, aesthetics, power or to simply get you from a to b or all the above. A SiQ chooses their ride to suit their lifestyle, passion or means.


There will always be someone that won't appreciate it. But a SiQ knows that this doesn't matter.



Because everything that you have just read has made you the multi-faceted, gorgeous, intelligent, strong-willed woman you are today who knows very well that yes, your ride may be a big part of you - But it certainly does not define you.


And this is why 'you' are a the definition of a true Street Ignition Queen 👑

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