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Street Ignition Queens' Automotive Recognition Awards gives women a voice to award consistent, quality product & service standards within the automotive industry.

Nominees are voted in by our very own SiQ Ladies Automotive Community and judged by a panel of inspirational women in the automotive scene.

Read our ARA Guide here for the latest in categories, how to nominate and the awards night!


Official judging panel for 2019

Nicole Kastner
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Nicole Kastner is not only a vital member of our SiQ Ladies Automotive Community, Nicole is also an award winning entrepreneur and speaker with a specific focus on women in the Automotive Industry.
A committed advocate for women, she offers consultancy services to help them propel their businesses forward.
Nicole is also an accountant and wrangler of two active boys by profession.

Together with her brother, Nicole runs Ashbury Service Centre, a successful automotive workshop in Sydney’s Inner West, who have always supported Street Ignition Queens from the very beginning.
It is here she set up the flagship Ladies Car Care Courses to empower women and build their confidence in relation to mechanics.

Kahli Bell
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Kahli is a qualified mechanic founding Custom Importz based in South Australia, a professional drifter and precision driver for the filming industry around Australia including a range of TV series and commercials and recently a stunt driver for one of the biggest shows in Australia - Ekka (QLD Royal Show) and on top of that a wonderful Mum to three adorable kids!
Kahli can also been seen regularly hosting and presenting for major automotive brands such as Street FX Motorsport & Graphics, CarSwap and Eat Sleep Drift and we can't forget that she's a valued member of our very own SiQ Ladies Automotive Community.

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Helen is the Founder and Editor of Australian based mag, Driven Women Magazine, the only motoring magazine of its kind in the world, which focuses on women and motoring culture.
Helen started DWM about two and a half years ago because she felt a female voice was not being heard in mainstream motoring magazines and she knew that there were many women like her who were passionate about cars.
To date, Helen has released four issues of DWM and Issue Five, which has a ‘grassroots motoring and motorsport’ theme will be released in early 2020 and invites car girls / women groups to participate!
In addition to running her magazine / website Helen is also a member of our SiQ Ladies Automotive Community, wife and mother so her car reviews have a real-world feel incorporating comments from the whole family.

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