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A Very Happy Father's Day

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Words by Loli Azuelo | SiQ Founder


Every year Street Ignition Queens celebrates the Dad's and Father figures who have inspired and supported our SiQueens. This year was no exception as we held a giveaway within our SiQ Ladies Automotive Community inviting our members to nominate their Father. They had to post a story on how they helped them through their automotive journey along with a picture of their Dad's pride and joy which might just be turned into art by the talented Orhan based in Turkey of Drawings by Orhan Özvatan.

The contenders:

"From the time I could walk, Dad always had me in the garage holding the torch, passing the screwdriver or even just helping wash the car. He has helped me through my car ownership journey, teaching me the fundamentals and growing my knowledge on cars.

It’s true that’s passion for cars can be passed down, having a rally driver for a Father to now owning a rally (street) car myself - And this car is staying with the family!!!

His pride and joy now is his Ford ranger, an equal first to his truck!!

I’d love to be able to surprise him with this drawing of his pride and joy(s) for Father’s Day and add to his collection of car things 😁" - Arielle Louise


And this..

"Rare photo of my dad with his most prize possession, unfortunately he sold it and has regretted it since. 56 Ford Custom line and he's on the hunt for another. Dad introduced me to the life of cars, from washing cars on the weekend for fun, taught me how to drive and everything I need to know about cars. He's a jack of all trades, owned his own used car yard, worked as a mechanic and even learned about panel beating and spray painting. He painted this Customline from cream and green to red and white. His passion of cars definitely transferred to me and at times he does regret it as I'm following his exact footsteps, but he still supports me in every way and let's me learn the hard way (which I prefer). Having a hand drawing of his former pride and joy would bring tears to his eyes as most of his photos were stolen, only these two remain." - Anna Gleeson

But there could only be one winner..

And on Father's Day 2019 we congratulated Anna Gleeson for nominating her Dad. Anna's story of her Dad's love for his car and the love for cars being passed along to herself, along with beautiful imagery that were not so easy to find, made it a wonderful read.

As the image was no true to colour, I requested a few different images / angles of the vehicle only and do a minor retouch to bring it back to life.

Anna did some research, mentioning her Dad's Customline's original colour lines were a 'Bunnings Green'. From the images he received, it was now up to Orhan to do his magic, taking him 10 hours to complete this drawing for Street Ignition Queens.

Scroll down to view Orhan's amazing full drawing video.

Anna framed the artwork and personally handed it to her Father who was quietly in awe of his Father's Day gift.

"He's extremely happy with it. Like me, we don't show much emotion but he is jumping with joy in his mind. The colour is right, also showed him the video (check out the next video below of Orhan's time-lapse of this drawing) which is now saved to his home screen. He is amazed by the detail in the chrome and wheels."

Orhan Özvatan shows us how he draws this Father's Day Ford Customline from start to finish (that I'm absolutely obsessed with and I'm sure you'll be playing over and over again too).

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