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Best Educational Program 2021 Finalists

Our #SiQARA21 Best Educational Automotive Finalists Revealed!

Street Ignition Queens' members have had their say and here are the Top 3 businesses who have provided inspirational automotive educational value, in particular to ladies of many ages and stages. Instilling confidence, providing life skills and creating close knit communities of support and friendship.

Please join me in congratulating our Best Educational Program Finalists by reading their response to their very well deserved nominations.


We provide specialised training and education to teenagers, parents and school students through our incursions, workshops, and online programs. These work to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to ignite a sense of accomplishment and autonomy.

We aim to make EVERYBODY road ready, and to empower our students to take this sense of proficiency into every aspect of their lives.

Our all-female team consists of outstanding educators with decades of experience in teaching.

We keep students engaged while they learn invaluable skills through both our practical and online workshops by using real-world examples and hands-on experience.

Connect with Galmatic: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Eleni Mitakos



After successfully creating and running a motorsport development program for women for the past four years, Rachelle Stirling realised the importance community and the sisterhood plays in increasing female participation in motorsport. Being able to connect with fellow Race Chix across different motorsport genres also became apparent during this period as numerous program participants were curious and asked questions about trying different motorsport disciplines.

Individually we are part of the collective that is women in motorsport, no matter our motorsport genre or our level of involvement. By connecting, supporting and collaborating as a collective we can challenge stereotypes and broaden perceptions that motorsport is a male dominated sport.

To help increase women in motorsport numbers, Race Chix Motorsport has developed four initiatives, Race Chix Race School, a free Race Chix Networking Community, a stylish motorsport lifestyle apparel range and we also host free educational and networking events. The mission of our national networking community is to create a national network of Race Chix across all genres of motorsport. Through this network we will help connect, educate and inspire Chix who are either competitors, enthusiasts, officials or supporters of competitors.

Race Chix Race School, is a national motorsport training school created by Chix for Chix. We offer three levels of courses – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The courses are designed to build confidence, connect participants with fellow Race Chix and to also provide a skill development pathway from beginner through to advanced.

Our conversation doesn’t stop once our participants have completed a Race Chix Race School course as they also become part of Race Chix Motorsport’s national networking community where there’s hundreds of fellow Race Chix ready to support them on their motorsport journey.

Connect with Race Chix Motorsport: Facebook | Website | Instagram

Rachelle Stirling | 0430 249 361



The Women’s PACE Project is taking the lead in female empowerment programs where you can experience a new avenue for cultivating confidence and honing an empowered mindset.

Level up on confidence and explore your true potential.

Activate clarity, inspiration and connect to newfound confidence through performance driving. Set a new PACE for your life as you adopt proven confidence principles and watch as you explore your potential, cultivate confidence and be empowered to achieve and thrive through the sport of performance driving. All we need is you, your car and your enthusiasm as we shine the light on your brilliance.

It doesn’t matter what you drive; the focus is you, as you level up your confidence. Discover strengths, values and navigate limits at your pace and as you set a path to success with our proven confidence principles.

Created for women looking to explore and unleash their confidence, the Women’s PACE Project is geared to champion participation, celebrate achievements and goals within a supportive community resulting in increased confidence both on and off the track.

Started by the Director of Track Day Club, Yvette Kinkade, the ‘Women Only’ project is for females who want to explore ambition, unleash self-confidence, and learn to bring their A-game to all aspects of their life.

PACE includes two full track days in May and July, followed by three half days in May, June and July for Discover, Inspire Connect, Tech & Tactics and Confidence Coaching. Women will hone their driving skills and challenge their comfort zone under the guidance of two Aussie champions, Professional Driver Coaches: Charlotte Poynting and Emily Duggan.

However, it’s the Confidence Mindset Masterclass, hosted by KINKADE—also a Professional Life Coach—which separates PACE from other empowerment retreats, courses or female activities.

Over 4-hours, the masterclass helps women break down their limiting beliefs and mental barriers, determine their strengths and values, plus set powerful goals to achieve by the end of PACE.

“Some women play golf. Others do yoga. But there are women out there who want to challenge their mindset and be involved in a sport that supports them to live confidently. That’s why I started the PACE Project.” Kinkade said.

Performance. Achievement. Confidence. Empowerment—that’s PACE, and it’s delivered on the race track.

“Women reinvent themselves in 5-days—it's a life-changing experience. The transformation in self-confidence, self-belief and the sense of achievement reported is phenomenal. These women prove to themselves what they're capable of. It's inspiring.” Kinkade said.

Connect with Women's Pace Project: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Yvette Kinkade 0438 642 622

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